Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Being Artists

I love to introduce the YALA Peace girls to different art forms; maybe they will simply enjoy experiencing all the new things we touch on, or maybe they will get exposed to a medium that speaks naturally to them and then surf that discovery on and on like a wild wave. Who knows how far these blooming seeds will go?

We all have creative energy that can be channeled into honoring our ideas and basking in different forms of art.

"Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground."

Whatever way you choose, look into yourself and make space for ideas. Take your ideas and make them real. One of the most elegant things about painting is you simply take a vision from your mind's process and make it something tangible, able to be experienced by you and others who see it. The same goes for making music, moving your body in dance, capturing a photograph, writing a story, and any other form of creativity in action.

Being passive clouds your creative sky, and blocks the light from nurturing your courage to take your ideas far. I want these girls to see another option inside themselves at all times, something that will always be worth their attention: their unique, creative self-expression and exploration.

They can turn to their minds, their notebooks, their cameras when they are unsatisfied with the daily passive intake of television, roaming the internet, and dutifully sitting quietly as they are expected to. A strong wind of inspiration can blow through their minds at any time, and I want to give them the tools to value and record these infinitely interesting thoughts. Authentic spontaneous creative experimentation reaches out to the explorer within us all.

A straightforward, pragmatic article in the Washington Post points out that arts education is so significant, we cannot consider it a mere luxury.


While I find the article simplistic, I absolutely agree that passive activities "encourage conformity", and that the arts "offer that sense of agency, of creation."

In this volatile region, where progress between two peoples of conflicting narratives looks like a silent film in slow motion, these girls have the power to break from conformity, to use their analytical and empathetic minds, to honor creativity in themselves and each other, and to harness their agency and create change. They are already living differently, doing something different, every time we meet.

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