Monday, March 15, 2010

Dream Sketchbooks

In the first week of the project, the girls were given sketchbooks / dream journals / notebooks to take with them wherever they go.

They all decorated their inside covers and wrote their names, and then the first few pages were filled with drawings from the other girls as they passed their notebooks around.

We use the notebooks in almost every meeting - sometimes I have them write for 60 seconds non-stop on a topic to unleash surprising subconscious thoughts. When we did this free-writing exercise on the subject of "future", words like "businesswoman", "movie star", and "doctor" came out on the same page.

In the most recent free-write, the topic was "the real me" - and these are some of the words that came out of the girls' pages:


Sometimes we listen to music and color abstractly in our sketchbooks to the songs. Someone always brings out their phone and shares a popular American song, and everyone tries to teach me the words at the same time.

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