Saturday, March 20, 2010

Family Connections and Traditions

The YALA Peace girls each have that unmistakable star quality of natural leaders.

Coming from underprivileged circumstances will not dull their stellar ambitions and abilities to better themselves, their communities in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, and the larger community of the world.

Although none of these girls can rely on nepotism (or want to), we do have a celebrity connection in our midst.

Someone in our group is directly related to the creator of the BEST HUMMUS SPOT IN THE WORLD.

At the top of a tiny uphill alley in Jaffa stands Abu Hassan's hummus joint, where one can find the most delicious bowl of simple, perfect hummus.

It is so good, you have to make it there before noon when it runs out.

The recipe is an old family secret, passed on from generation to generation. Maybe we can get the owner's niece (a YALA Peace girl) to share the love.

In the Aboriginal tradition, at YALA Peace we haven't celebrated the girls' birthdays (none of the meeting dates have fallen on any of the girls' birthdays yet.)

However, like the Aborigines, we declare to the others when we feel we have accomplished growth to be celebrated. So every few months, after moving to a new level of trust, creativity, and self-growth, I take the YALA Peace girls out to celebrate.

The time is coming to honor this tradition again...

They always want to go to Max Brenner, a chocolate heaven.

Just look at this irresistible, decadent description from a menu:

"Spy-thriller chocolate Black Forest cake, covered with Alpine whipped cream and cherry, the German double agent on top."

(cake painting by Wayne Thiebaud)

The every-person's food in the mideast, hummus has a beautiful symbolic power.

But apparently, love for chocolate is a more universal power. So let's celebrate the connections and oneness beyond what we were born into!

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