Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Persian New Year!

Today is the Persian New Year, a time to celebrate spring and all that comes with it!





new life


A few days before, you jump over a fire and give it your darkness, and take from it light.

At the end of the celebrations, you take all the things that were on a special table to represent spring, like apples, and throw them in the sea.

Last year I also thought about what quality from the water I wanted to take, and what I wanted to give to it:

peace, and the quality of always moving and changing while being strong and being itself.

every time YALA Peace stars enter a meeting, i want them to feel renewed: maybe at first shaken, but with balance, and perpetually blossoming like spring.

in this land in turmoil with Persia, even with so many Persians here and over there yearning for true friendship, this year I wish for the sea nearby, the sea we look at from the community center of our meetings, to give us all the qualities of the water.

Let us be spring-showered with this renewal, to bloom with peace like flowers at the top of a hill . . .

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  1. How inspiring, I am hungry for more!
    then what happened? How are these YALA stars enjoying their new roles? They are Little Lilians now...
    Please post pictures of the little kids with their new mentors...
    good Luck, Elahe