Tuesday, March 16, 2010

YALA Peace at work

Here are some things we've done so far at our meetings, and at the end, a few things on our agenda:

-dream sharing, literal and life dreams
-nightmares and fears, write and draw them and then rip them up
-abstract watercolor paintings of our inner selves
-landscape and portrait photography

-mask painting
-self and partner portraits
-discussion of strength and female identity

-language discussion: multilingual frustrations and benefits
-jewelry design
-what is beauty? inside and out
-makeovers, inside and out
-60 second free-writes
-history of your name

-family tree
-hebrew and arabic lessons
-school stress and the need for an energy outlet
-success and achievement
-group support silent compliment exercise

-family story interviews
-mixed-media illustration
-documentary videos
-music videos
-cultural identity and music tradition sharing
-cultural dance and free dance
-memory of the conflict drawings
-mirroring and role-play
-improv comedy

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